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About Hua Hin

Only 200 km to the south of Bangkok on Gulf of Thailand sea, Hua Hin is a Royal resort town boasting a fine beach, good eateries of both Thai and international tastes, accommodations for all budgets, lots of shopping opportunities, night life and entertainment places plus year round good weather and sun shine.

Hua Hin is also famous for golf, meeting place for businesses and organizations, music festivals, markets and a starting point for forest adventure in the hills in the west. For those who want to stay in Thailand for long term or for retirement, there are many property projects to choose from.

Its night life is small compared to Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui. But it is lively, intimate and delightful. Restaurants, guesthouses, tailor shops, shop houses and gardens line the narrow streets that criss cross the main roads.

The beach, a few large hotels, restaurants and a boat pier are on the eastern side. On the boat landing bridge is a docking place for small fishing boats and a market where catch from the sea are traded. People scroll along the beach. Horse riding is available. Also available are water sports, boat trips out into the sea and to the islands.

Part of Hua Hin beach  A street in Hua Hin
Part of Hua Hin beach :: A street in Hua Hin

According to a tourist sign on the beach there are five things to do in Hua Hin
  1. Leisure along Hua Hin beach
    Find a good spot on the beach and enjoy sea, sand and sun. Refresh yourself with sea breeze by jogging, walking, horse riding, swimming or sun tanning.
  2. Visit Hua Hin Railway station
    This place was built in the reign of King Rama VI. Because of its unique style of architecture and history it is well known as one of the most beautiful and oldest railway stations in Thailand.
  3. Go to Khao Takiap (Chopstick mountain) located 4 km south of Hua Hin
    You will see panoramic view of Hua Hin. A lot of monkeys live there. There is a giant golden Buddha statue standing against the cliff at the north side.
  4. Discover the Thai talents and Tradition
    Sasi dinner theatre is a must-visit. Shows include Thai contemporary performances, Thai mask dance drama (khon), Thai classical dance and Thai martial arts.
  5. Street walking at night market
    The market runs daily after 5 p.m. till around mid night. There are local food stalls, seafoods, noodles, fruits, desserts, beverages, cocktails, ice-creams, clothes, hats, t-shirts, shoes, Thai silks, souvenirs, handicrafts, etc.
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Walking on the sand beach, Hua Hin